Friday, September 9, 2016


President Obama started his Presidency with an apology tour that included bowing to the Saudi Arabian King.  He is ending it by being forced to come out of the back of the Presidential plane in China and having his aides yelled at by Chinese bureaucrats.  The United States is no longer feared nor respected thanks to Obama's and his Administration's lacking of leadership and seriousness when it comes to America's national security.  Between Obama and John Kerry, American foreign policy does not exist.

Bad actors are coming to the fore around the world. Obama and Kerry want to lecture us and the world about climate change while ignoring the the serious challenges our nation and the world faces.

  • In North Korea, yet another nuclear weapons test has been completed.  Numerous firing of missiles  toward Japan have taken place.  The Obama Administration's reaction is to condemn yet again the North Korean leadership and to go to the United Nations.  Kim Jong-un and his cronies are not exactly afraid of Obama's words.
  •  China is not only embarrassing the President by not allowing him to come out the front door of his plane but is relentlessly taking control of the South China Sea and the vital trade routes there..  It's also expanding its naval presence to the Indian Ocean and even to the Americas.At home, the Chinese Communists are persecuting Christians and other and putting a strangle hold on Hong Kong though they signed agreements on Hong Kong that require the opposite.  The plane incident shows that the Chinese have no respect for Obama and are very willing to show that lack of respect to the world. 

  • Iran gets ransom from the United States for grabbing American sailors. Forces those sailors to kneel.  Takes photos and video and sends it around the world.  Secretary of State John Kerry thanked Iran for its supposedly good conduct.  Obama signs a nuclear deal with Iran.  Iran immediately import weapons that it is forbidden to do under other agreement.  And then it violates the nuclear deal.  Obama and Kerry turn a blind eye and ignore the provocations. And Iran continues to harass American planes and ships in the area.
  • Russia's Putin restricts human rights at home, has his military buzz American Air Force planes, helps murderous regimes like Syria, invades Ukraine, and more.  Obama's reaction:  Putin (the former KGB official) should live up to civilized norms.  Obama refuses to send even defensive weaponry to Ukraine so it can defend itself.
  • Radical Islamic terrorism runs amok throughout the world: Europe, Asia, United States, and Africa.  Millions become refugees.  And Obama says climate chnage is the number one problem facing the world.  Tell that to the millions who no longer have homes or have lost loved ones. 
Obama's world is a much unsafer world than we have seen in decades. Leading from behind is not leading at all.  Just look at what it has reaped.