Thursday, March 21, 2013

UN Arms Treaty Will Rid Nation of 2nd Amendment

As you read this, the United Nations (U.N.) is convening from March 18-28, to work on the final text for its “Arms Trade Treaty.”  Thankfully, the conference couldn’t come to an agreement last year on the text of the treaty, but that doesn’t mean they won’t this time.  The proposed goal of this treaty, which already has the support of over 100 nations, is to limit the black market deals that go on by illegal arms dealers.  Even if this is the true intention behind the proposed treaty, the language within the treaty allows the U.N. to erase our 2nd Amendment and erodes American Sovereignty. If you do not know already, when the Senate ratifies a treaty, it becomes the law of the land.

The language of the treaty is particularly and purposefully ambiguous.  This especially true in Article 2 Section 1 of the treaty where it applies at a minimum to certain weapons and machines used solely for the purposes of conducting war such as battle tanks and warships.  The very last aspect of Article 1 Section 2 identifies “small arms and light weapons” as applicable to this treaty.  This would, in every backdoor way possible, push the 2nd Amendment into the trash bin of history and further intrude on American Sovereignty.

Read the text of the treaty at:


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