Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Election Year Survey Rebukes the UN

In an extensive survey, Americans for Sovereignty has tabulated over 8000 responses to questions concerning the United Nations.   The survey of American attitudes towards the United Nations found that the American people remain very hostile to the institution and hope that the newly elected American officials will undertake a critical review of the institution.

       Specifically, nearly unanimous opposition opinion existed that the United Nations should not investigate so-called human rights abuses inside the United States.  This attitude contradicts the Obama Administration that has suggested that Arizona may be violating international human rights standards through its efforts to enforce violations of American immigration laws by illegal aliens.

    Similarly, over 90% of respondents to the survey believed that every candidate for federal office should promise to oppose any UN taxation schemes.  That same 90% insisted that the new Congress needed to vigorously investigate waste, fraud and corruption at the United Nations.

    Given the continued problem of terrorism in the United States, the respondents to the survey believed that newly elected US Government officials should encourage the State Department to restrict activities of so-called diplomats from countries that sponsor or shelter terrorists.

    Grave concern was also expressed in the survey with the International Criminal Court that could violate rights ordinarily enjoyed by American citizens, including American military personnel overseas.  The survey urged the rejection of the treaty that would lead to U.S. membership in the Court.

    Disillusionment was so great in the this latest survey that the respondents supported legislation that mandates the end of United States membership in the United Nations and the expulsion of the United Nations from the United States.

    Americans for Sovereignty is a project of Council for America.  With over 30,000 supporters it is one of the largest organizations in the United States that focuses its attention on issues affecting continued American Sovereignty.


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