Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who is the US Representative to the UN and what is that person doing?

Very few people even know who the US Representative to the UN is -- never mind knowing what that person is doing at the UN. Our current representative is no John Bolton who stood up for American sovereignty and for the United States.

The Obama Administration appointed Susan Rice (no relation to the former Secretary of State) to that post. She has received almost no publicity in the American media. But she is busy.

Just a few days ago she signed the "UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities." From the UN press release announcing this is the following: "the Convention’s Optional Protocol allows individuals to petition an international expert body with grievances.

By signing, and then ratifying the treaty, States commit themselves to enact laws and other measures to improve disability rights, as well as abolish discriminatory legislation, customs and practices."

As we have shown in prior posts, the Obama Administration has a very spotty record in supporting American sovereignty. Is this latest action of signing a UN Convention only yet one more way to get the UN involved in American domestic policy -- somewhere the UN and its members have no right to be?

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